Saturday, July 18, 2015

July Fun!

Here's what I love about being an American... 364 days of the year it's completely socially acceptable to complain about the state of the union, criticize the current government (or past governments, whatever), and lament the way things used to be.  But, every year on July 4th we all get dressed up like flags and generally look like crazy people in order to celebrate this great nation.

Once we all remember that there's really nowhere else we'd like to live at this moment, we celebrate by watching parades and then setting off enough fireworks to burn up a small village right in our own backyards.  
(I'm just telling you what I know.  I couldn't make this stuff up.)

This year's parade was particularly fun.  I went with Mandy & Grandma Glo and we even took Ruger with us.
He was fairly unimpressed.

Katie was marching with her high school band for the very first time.
She's the second mellophone in from the end. 
(that's the thing that sort of looks like a trumpet with a really big bell on the end.)

Ken did the parade with a small drum corps that he's been working with.  That's him standing on the front of the trailer.  These guys have figured out how to do a parade with minimal effort.

My brother John stopped by on his way down the parade route with his family.  He is running for a local political office and took the morning to meet some voters.  My sweet nephew, Brian was with him.  He said down for just a moment & tried on Mandy's shades.

Isn't he cute?

Since then, we've been going to swim meets and hanging out with friends and generally enjoying the heck out of this summer.  Sometimes at swim meets I leave my phone unattended and then I find this...

She's lucky she's cute.

How has your family been enjoying July?

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Glowing Report

Hey friends!  I just came home from the Dollar Store where I bought a load of glow sticks, glow glasses, glow wands, and generally fun glowy stuff for the 4th of July picnic that we will be hosting this Saturday evening.  While I was making my selections I realized that I had never told you about the Glow Run 5K!

You might remember last year's Glow Run when I wasn't terribly impressed 
and we almost lost Grandma Glo.

I wasn't really thinking I'd run this race again, but my BRF Kristina thought we should give it another chance.  (It only seemed fair to agree to this plan.  Lord knows I have talked her into some crazy plans.)

This year we took a smaller group- me, Katie, & Kristina.  We left Grandma Glo and the tiny people in our family safely at home so that we could be sure not to lose them.

The course was a little different this year.  The organizers said it was less hilly.  I don't really know about that- there's just no way to lay out a flat 5K in that area.  But this year I think we were more mentally prepared.

The starting line once again had a party atmosphere that we appreciated.

See the lady on stilts?  We saw her and another lady wearing what appeared to be really long wedding dresses at the start.  We weren't entirely sure what to think of it.

But then we saw them again as we came close to the finish line.

Check them out!  They're like glow-in-the-dark Bo Peeps or something!

Katie and I snapped a selfie at the finish...

This year the finish line was way better.  It was actually dark when we got there!
I was so glad the organizers realized that a Glow Run should have an element of Glow in it.

This year we were much happier with our Glow Run experience.  I was impressed that the organizers really seemed to learn from the first try.  Packet pick-up was quick and organized.

We'll be back next year!
(but I think we'll still leave Grandma at home)

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Banana Chocolate Protein Popsicles

**this post contains affiliate links** 

Hello blog friends! I've been neglecting you lately because we have been in full-on summertime mode around here and that means very little work getting done.  No apologies- it's been awesome!

But I've missed you.  How about I apologize with a yummy recipe?  Ok, here we go.

I have been on a mission lately to make popsicles.  You wouldn't believe how long it took me to find popsicle molds.  Are they out of fashion now or something?  I ended up ordering these ones from Amazon for these particular popsicles.  This recipe makes 3 popsicles because this was the testing stage.

Banana Chocolate Protein Popsicles
(recipe makes 3 pops)
3/4 cup Light Almond Milk 
1 Banana (really ripe)
3 TBSP Cool Whip 
(I use Lite Cool Whip- store brand)

Mix all ingredients until smooth.  I used my Nutri Ninja Pro to blend everything.

Katie doesn't really like bananas so it had to be really smooth.
If there was even one banana chunk she would have gagged.  It's very dramatic.

I loved these pops.  Katie & Mandy thought the banana flavor was a little strong.  When I make them again, I'll probably double all the ingredients except the banana and make all 6 pops.

If you like the banana/chocolate/peanut butter combo (and why wouldn't you?) I'd suggesting adding a scoop of PB2 as it gives the peanut butter flavor with less calories.

Next we're going to try the Vanilla Protein Powder with Almond Milk & Orange Juice! 
We're hoping it will taste creamsicle-ish.  

What's your favorite popsicle flavor?

Do you have a flavor combination suggestion for me?

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Things I'm Loving - May Edition

Hey there blog friends!

I know- I have totally neglected you.  Let me make it up to you with a whole post full of goodness for you.  Things that are making me happier and healthier - you might like them too!

This post contains some affiliate links.

Let's start with Mother's Day.  How was yours?

I got to start my Mother's Day running a 5K with the people who call me "mom".

Ken bought me this shirt - it was really fitting because sometimes 
I feel like saying this when my sweet girls act like they might die while we run.

Then we met up with Ken and had some brunch after the race! 

Now on to some other goodies for you...

Chalene Johnson recently did this podcast on Complex Personality Types.
I listened to it while I was driving in my car and I kept wondering how she was talking about me when we've never met. I'm an outgoing introvert, in case you wanted to know.  Listen to the podcast and find out all about me & my complexities.  (My friends are laughing now.)

I've become a little bit obsessed with Quest Bars. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my favorite.
Apparently it's the favorite of some of my family members too because they seem to
disappear from the pantry pretty quickly.

I'm so proud to be an Ambassador for  1st Step Pro-Wellness!
Recently I requested that we send some protein powder to someone who works with patients in end-stage renal failure.  I learned that many of these patients have trouble meeting their protein requirements and powders are helpful, but can be expensive.  We were able to send full-size containers of Vanilla & Chocolate Whey Protein powders to those patients.  I love the generosity of this company!

Today I did a glute/hamstring workout with these Power Glide Discs.  Oh my heavens! Use these for squats or lunges and it adds an element of stability that makes your muscles take notice!

What are you loving lately? Tell me in the comments!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Randomly on a Tuesday...

...which totally feels like a Monday because I didn't have to work yesterday.  I keep having to remind myself that this is Tuesday.  This week is rolling with or without me and I need to engage!

So here goes...

1. My busy girl is only working on one show right now.  At one point, about a week ago, she was working on three different shows and juggling three schedules.  Katie landed herself the lead in her Jr. High Musical and that can really tire a girl out.  Good thing for her, Dad & Ruger are always available for a snuggle. 

2. I finished my pair of knitted socks in the yarn "Bah Humbug" and I love them.  
I've now finished several pairs of socks but the feeling just never gets old. 

(and also I'm way too excited by the fact that the stripes match)

3.  I found this image on Facebook and shared it with my mom-in-law who loves to sew.  
We had a good giggle over it.

4.  I have been learning to manage my stress lately and I've been working to be more at ease with my family.  I think I could take a few lessons from this guy...

Happy Tuesday friends!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I love Yoga- but what else?

So, if you've read this blog before you probably know how much I love, love, LOVE yoga!

There have been times when I do yoga every single day for awhile and then times when I step away from my mat for a bit.  But, I always come back and now I'm at a place where yoga is an recurring part of my fitness life- just not the only fitness-y thing I do.

When I'm not on my yoga mat I love running, walking my dog, Ruger
and I'm a little bit obsessed with P90X3 right now.

I figured I wasn't alone in this, so I asked some yogi friends in a Facebook group what other kinds of fitness they do when they're not doing yoga.

Here's what they had to say:

Jennifer: Pilates & Ballet

AndrewWhen I am not on a yoga mat, I like to work on my explosiveness. Explove moves, mean heavy lifting where you can only do reps of 3. Explosive movements also mean jump squats, squats with a bar on shoulders. Basically anything opposite of what yoga does. Yin and yang man. Gotta have both in your workout routine to stay balanced and stay fit.

SteveRunning , swimming and calisthenics each once a week on top of daily yoga practice

DavidKarate- walking- run after my twin 4 year old daughters.

GlennKettlebells, sandbag, running and jump rope

And many yogis & yoginis reported that they like to run and/or walk.

So tell me, what sort of exercise do you love?
Have you tried yoga?

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fairies, the Beagle, Lessons on my Fitbit, and a MealEnders Win for everyone!

Hey there friends!  It's Saturday night and I'm living the life.  That's right- in my jammies and watching a Tinkerbell movie with my girlies.  

Katie & Mandy were cast as fairies in our local theatre's production of Peter Pan.  
The fairies roller skate in the show so naturally we organized a fairy skating party!

None of the girls had spent much time on skates (it's not as popular now as it was when I was a kid) but after 2 hours they were all looking more confident.  I'm so proud to know these young ladies and can't wait to witness their journey to the stage.

In other news, you can now follow Ruger Berlin on Instagram.  
Because really, don't you need more cuteness in your life?

Follow here---> @rugerberlin

Also, in case you were wondering, this week I learned that if you run your Fitbit Zip through the washing machine it doesn't survive.  Go ahead, ask me how I learned that lesson.

So, I upgraded to a Fitbit Flex.  So far my Flex thinks I haven't slept in 2 days.  So I googled the Flex and it turns out I'm supposed to tap on it when I'm going to sleep.  Oops.  
See? I'm learning all sorts of things this week.

The winner of the MealEnders giveaway is Sheila Shroeder! Congrats!

But get this... 

Everyone is a Winner with MealEnders 
Exclusive MealEnders Discount! 

MealEnders wants to put an end to overeating and believes the more people its 15-calorie signaling lozenges can help, the better!  So for two weeks, all "runners up" for our recent giveaway will be able to buy MealEnders at 30% off.  

Just enter coupon code WINNER-TOO at checkout. To place your order and learn more about the product, visit

So if you didn't win, or even if you didn't get to enter, you can still use the discount code 
and get your own shipment of goodies!

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