Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We are Becoming Warriors! (Day 2)

Yesterday the Warrior Women started our 14-Day Challenge with the Gathering!

The reviews are rolling in and the ladies are off to a great start.  

Amy thought that the pace of the class was just right- not too hard, not too easy. She liked Rudy's "realistic & non-judgmental" attitude and I completely agree.  Rudy makes you feel like you're not failing because you need a break- instead the message seems to be that you are being wise and listening to your own body.  (a refreshing change from some workout DVDs)

Diane said that she appreciated the time to just be quiet.

I think so many people struggle with that.  I like Rudy's encouragement that taking time away from our busy lives actually allows us to come back as better moms, wives, daughters & sisters.

Krista said that the Gathering was hard work but she felt incredible at the finish!

Today we're hitting the mat again for "Versatile Warrior", the next class in Yoga Warrior 365.

Are you ready to join the challenge with my Warrior Women?
Request to join the Facebook group HERE.
If you need to order your YW365 DVDs you can do that HERE.
Use the code "EASTER" for 35 % off!

You can read about all of the Yoga Warrior 365 Challengers HEREHERE and HERE.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Yoga Warrior Challenge Day 1- The Gathering

Today is the first day of the Yoga Warrior 365 Challenge!

Today we're doing a class called "The Gathering".  It's a beautiful class that was filmed outdoors at dusk.  It's a lovely way to begin our journey together.  It's a slower-paced class which introduces most of the poses that we'll be using regularly in the Yoga Warrior series.

I asked the Warrior Women where they are practicing today.
Here are just a few of the responses...

Amy- My family room... can't wait!
Megs- while watching the Boston Marathon! (or wherever the little one matriculates to)
Mandy- My living room!
Lynn- I will have to kick my son off the Xbox and use the playroom.
Marilee- In my living room
Krista- Living Room!

Where do you like to exercise?

Are you ready to join the challenge with my Warrior Women?
Request to join the Facebook group HERE.
If you need to order your YW365 DVDs you can do that HERE.
Use the code "EASTER" for 35 % off!

Let's meet a couple more Warrior Women!

Hello!  My name is Lynn and I am 46 years old (or young, depending upon the day!)  I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease a few years ago.  I also have a stressful life with two very active children.  I have always wanted to try yoga, but hadn't found anyone to push me.  Thanks, Rhonda!  I look forward to this journey with you!

My friend Amy is decidedly not a winter lover. (and I've told you before that our winter has been particularly brutal this year) So, she is excited to kick-start her spring by taking part in the Yoga Warrior 365 Challenge! She's pictured right with her four awesome kids recently celebrating her 40th birthday.  She says that her body and her brain are feeling tired, so she's heading to the yoga mat to find some energy.

You can read about all of the Yoga Warrior 365 Challengers HERE, HERE and HERE.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Easter Weekend of Music, Family & Noisy Beagles

Happy Easter!
I hope you and yours are enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend.

We started as we always do on Easter Sunday- we headed to our church and played music with friends.  I love music so much- it's truly a powerful force in my  life and I'm forever grateful that I have so many friends who share that love.

We do two services on Easter and between services all of the musicians and their families head to McDonald's for breakfast. (huge treat for my kiddos since I don't really love McD's)

It's so fun to enjoy breakfast together before we head back for the second service.

As I write this post there is a beagle of my lap.  Hang on, I'll check which one...

It's Knute.

Knute is Ruger's brother and he is spending the weekend with us. Two 1 1/2 year-old beagles can really make some noise.  Come on over- they will sing you the song of their people. "Aaarrroooo!"

Just when you think they might drive you crazy, they turn on their cuteness and get snuggly.  
I am powerless in the face of this much love.

Ruger sleeps with Katie so it only seemed fair that Mandy gets the other beagle for snuggling.  
Knute settled easily into Mandy's room at bedtime.  I think we're really going to miss him when his family picks him up later today.  I wonder if I could hide him in a closet?

After a weekend that has included an alarming amount of chocolate and not nearly enough sleep, I'm excited to start the Yoga Warrior 365 Challenge tomorrow.  I love breaks, but I also love getting my workouts in and I know I feel better when I eat better.

So tomorrow I'll welcome the accountability of the Warrior Women.

Right after I have another chocolate egg.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Yoga Warrior 365 Challenge and My Warrior Friends are Awesome!

Happy Friday!  I'm so excited to start the Yoga Warrior 365 Challenge on Monday!

Today I'm going to introduce you to a few more of the Warrior Women who are taking the 14-Day Challenge with  me.

Mandy is a teacher, runner and fitness enthusiast who is eager to add yoga to her vast repertoire of cross training.  She loves Zumba, PiYo and especially Turbo Kick classes.  She ran her first half marathon last summer and recently finished her second at Disney!

Lori & Carrie are sisters who have agreed to take the Yoga Warrior 365 Challenge together!
These two ladies really deserve to take a little time for themselves each day.

Carrie is "Mom" to Cassie and she has recently kicked Breast Cancer to the curb! I am in awe of this lady's strength & grace in the face of the challenge.  She is looking forward to better health now and the Yoga Warrior Challenge is part of that new beginning.

Lori is a wife & mom of four really cool kids.  She works as a Coordinator in a doctor's office which serves patients who are embarking on bariatric surgeries and in that role she supports people as they work toward a healthier life. She is looking forward to a BIG obstacle race in September.  I'm pretty sure she is ready to become a Yoga Warrior!

Are you ready to join the challenge with my Warrior Women?
Request to join the Facebook group HERE.
If you need to order your YW365 DVDs you can do that HERE.
Use the code "EASTER" for 35 % off!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Introducing a Few More Warrior Women- Join the Challenge with us!

The Yoga Warrior 365 14-Day Challenge begins in one week!  Are you joining us?

Get this- Rudy Mettia, creator of YW 365 and the teacher on the DVDs is joining the party!
How can you miss this?

Request to join the Facebook group HERE.
If you need to order your YW365 DVDs you can do that HERE.
Use the code "GRATITUDE" for 35 % off!

This week I'll introduce you to a few more of the awesome Warrior Women who have agreed to take on
14-Days of Yoga.

When I asked my friend Krista to tell me why she agreed to do the
YW 365 challenge, her answer was so perfect that I decided to quote it to you exactly.  Here's what she had to say:

"I am inspired to indulge in Yoga Warrior because I need to center my mind, find the calm through my breath, and treat my body with respect.  It can be done at home, in my yard, or in my woods.  I feel like it will help me get into shape- mind, body, and soul. I am truly excited to embark on this journey!"

Diane has been my one of my favorite people since we were in the third grade.  She is committing to the YW 365 Challenge because she thinks she can try anything for 14 days!  (I agree- what do you think?)

She has already completed many 5Ks... I know she's going to rock this challenge and I can't wait to hear what she says about it.

Megs is another runner girlfriend who is ready to become a yogi!
She says that she is hoping yoga will help her core strength & mobility which are so important to runners.  Since she recently signed up for her first Ultra Marathon, I'm thinking her body will love a little yoga.

Emily is the Youtheatre/Education Director at the Erie Playhouse where my kids do shows all the time.  I'm so glad that theatre brought her into our family so that now we get to call her a friend.  She has practiced yoga & pilates for several years.  In August we'll be joining Emily & other friends for the Color Run.  I'm thrilled to have her joining us for this yoga journey.

And I know- I'm seriously blessed to know so many amazing women.  My life is definitely fuller because of them.

Will you join us for 14 Days of Yoga?

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Randomness

1.  I got to run with Kristina!  My sis-in-law/Best Running Friend and I have not been able to run together for awhile.  Saturday morning was such a treat.  It was a beautiful sunny morning with good company.
This run left me with a good feeling that stayed all day.

2. Speaking of the sunny morning, Ruger was not interested in coming indoors all day.
That is one happy beagle right there.

3. I'm reading Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo.  This is a really great resource.  My diet is not completely Paleo, but I don't eat many grains.  Her recipes look amazing!  I'll be trying several of them in the next few days. (of course there will be pictures)

4. My OXO Good Grips Salad Chopper has been getting extra use lately because Katie has decided she likes salad.  She's a girl after my own heart.

5. I really don't know what has gotten into the clementines this year but they are nothing short of wonderful!  Mandy & I can't get enough of these little guys.

Don't forget to check out the Yoga Warrior 365 14-Day Challenge and stop back tomorrow when I'll be introducing a few more of the Warrior Women who will be hitting the mat with me!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

YW 365 14-Day Challenge & The Week in Review

April 21st is the start date for the 14-day Yoga Warrior 365 Challenge!

Join my amazing group of 14 women as we commit to practicing yoga for 14 days.

This isn't a weight loss challenge or a competition.
We are simply committing to practicing each of the DVDs in the YW 365 set each day
for 14 days and discovering what happens.

Will we be more physically fit? Will we find happiness on our yoga mats?  Will we carry our focus off the mats? We don't know!  But we're going to find out and you are invited to join us!

If you already own the YW 365 set, you're ready.  Just request to join this Facebook group and introduce yourself.  If you'd like to order the DVDs, they are available HERE.
Use the code "gratitude" to receive 35% off!

Let me introduce you to a few of the awesome women who will be using 
YW 365  for 14 days...

My friend Heather has been a runner for 18 years.
(She wouldn't say it, but I'll tell you that she's a complete bad-ass. I want to run like her when I grow up.)
Heather is hoping that yoga will bring a little flexibility to her runner-body.

My other friend Jenny is a yoga newbie.  
She'll be hitting the mat alongside her daughter Olivia.

Gloria is my mom.   She has crossed many 5K finish lines and now she's ready to accept
the 14-day yoga challenge and see what it brings her.  
(I swear, I didn't make her do this.  Don't listen to her.)

I'll introduce you to more Warrior Women next week!

Will you join us for the 14-Day Yoga Warrior Challenge?
We're starting on April 21st.  Join the Facebook group HERE.

In this time before the YW 365 Challenge begins I've been running & letting Jillian Michaels kick my flank.  
We won't discuss how my poor legs are feeling right now! (really- it's all good)

Tuesday: Interval Run
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 30 min. Run & Jillian Michaels One Week Shred (Strength)
Friday:  Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Level 2
Saturday: 4 mile run plus Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack

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